Andrew Stead

Freelance Web Developer


Didcot, Oxfordshire, England


Giving full details of pricing for a website is always difficult, as costs will generally vary based on a variety of factors: the number of pages, the complexity of the template, what level of maintenance/training will be required, and the needs of the client. The costs outlined below will give a basic idea of the amounts involved.

Domain registration is included in the initial quote fee, with the cost varying depending on the domain required. Hosting fees can be paid up front from six months, to up to two years. As of Spring 2021, the average monthly hosting fee is the same regardless of how far in advance you pay so the choice depends on how much you wish to spread the cost.

The overall price will largely be dependent on the number of pages on your site. A site can include as many or as few pages as are required. The prices below are for guidance only- actual prices may vary.

  • Basic one page website: £150
  • Four page small website: £300
  • Eight page medium website: £400
  • Twelve page large website: £500
  • In addition to this fee, the cost of the domain registration and hosting account will be included in any quote. This will be a minimum of £25.
  • If you will be maintaining the site yourself, there will be no further cost to you, save for the hosting account and domain registration which will require renewal.
  • Website maintenance can be factored into a quote to cover routine maintenance for an agreed period, or can be done on a rate of £30 per hour as required.
  • I am happy to offer a discount on the cost of websites to charities and non-profit organisations.